Fuq da rules, I do what I want~
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Do you like rice yes or no?
Yes, I do. xD 

What color is underwear ;)?
Right now it’s like grey. xD

If you had one day with your bias what would you do with them?
Try to make the best of it. Maybe go out, get to know them, and let them know me so that maybe there could be a second day, or maybe a few thousand 8D

Soda or Water?
LOL, Soda, ‘cause I’m a fatty. xD 


On a rate of 1-100 how sexy is your bias?

What would you do if you saw you bias out side your window?
Run the fuck outside and try to get an autograph or something.  

What fandom are you from?
VIP and Blackjack. ^-^

Who do you ship?
Jonkey, GTOP, Baeri, G-Ri, Daetop

Jongkey or 2min?

What do you think about my blog(i ran out of questions XD) 
Your blog is adorable and omg the background~ 

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